Saturday, April 9, 2011

Owen'sday, Week 3

In which Owen and sleeps for six hours, loves to snuggle, and saves the world!

Welcome to week three of Owen's life! We have been delighted to enjoy at least one unbroken six-hour stretch of sleep, although slightly less delighted when his doctor told us that he's at the low end of weight gain, meaning that we probably shouldn't let him sleep that long without eating. We've also learned that our little guy loves to cuddle--or rather, hates to not cuddle. Any time he's awake, he demands loudly that we hold him. (If you insist, Owen.) This week he attended church at the Riverside Ward, where he enchanted the young women (more than one proclaimed their love for him, and at least one skirmish erupted about who is one true babysitter will be) and met the lady babies his approximate age (Owen is the lone boy in a summer full of girls--lucky guy!). He's keeping those beautiful blue eyes open for longer stretches, and at any given moment can be found snuggling with his mom, studying with his dad, or saving the world from evil! Observe the photographic evidence. Ignore the wrinkles in the sky--an apartment-sized iron can only do so much.

Captain Adorable, we salute you!


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