Saturday, April 9, 2011

Owen'sday, Week 2

In which Owen learns to eat and to cry.

Owen's had a big second week of life. Thursday started out with a trip to the lactation consultant, who taught him how to eat like a champ. He was so excited to learn this new skill that he demands to practice every 90 minutes. I now feel more officially like a mom, since Michael can no longer help out with the feedings. I felt very accomplished the other day when I managed to both eat breakfast and shower and get the mail.

He's also learned the power of crying. That darling boy who came into the world without so much as a peep has, it turns out, very well-developed lungs indeed. He has decided that he doesn't care for being alone--that is, if he's awake, he must have someone holding him. We have great hopes for his that he's a bit bigger (8 lbs already!) we're planning on trying him out in it.

Owen also has no shortage of admirers. I took him to meet my old coworkers, who abandoned all projects to coo over him for a while (especially about his faux hawk--completely natural, by the way). And Vilo, Michael's best friend James's mom, is in our ward and stops by periodically to see Owen and help me get things done around the apartment. She's especially crazy about Owen since James and his wife had a baby only five days after Owen was born, and seeing him helps her get through the next few weeks until she gets to see her new grandson in person.

And clearly, as evidenced from the pictures, his parents admire him too. Enjoy!


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