Saturday, September 13, 2008

Corn Hole

toothpaste for dinner

Corn hole! In my preOhio days, I had never heard of such a phenomenon. However, since our arrival to Columbus, we've seen not just a few examples of its prevalence. Mostly at tailgating parties (which, by the way, eclipse any tailgating party anywhere else in the nation, I'm pretty sure). I look forward to the doping scandals.

Monday, September 8, 2008

And speaking of funny subject lines . . .

Our illustrious CNN posted an article with the following headline:

"Obama to address change during speech!"

Wow. Really?

(note: I don't mind Obama. Really. It just struck me as funny.)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Victoria's Latest Secret

As I mentioned in my last post, I have grown to love--dearly--Victoria Secret normal clothing. Since they're only sold online (why don't they sell their pants, shoes, and sweaters in their regular stores? Might have something to do with the nine dollars that I'm still willing to pay to have their wares shipped to me . . .), I receive special email announcements a few times each week that alert me to sales, styles, and trends that they assure me only their paying customers are privy to. Typically, I ignore them. However, sometimes they have some pretty good advice. Take their latest subject line, for instance:

Fall trend alert: Pants.

Thank you, Victoria. Who knows, without your sage wisdom I may have traipsed about the falling leaves in . . . well, what are my other options? Wouldn't it have been more revolutionary for Vicky Dearest to suggest, say, a pants alternative? The anti-pant?

On second thought, I hope they don't. Their jeans just fit too nice.

And on third thought: if only their paying customers got the memo on pants, what are all those misguided trendsters who think pants are out of vogue going to be wearing?

I may not leave my apartment until winter.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here are some things I have learned lately:

*Real frogs stink at Frogger.
*Bunnies chew a single blade of grass twenty-seven times.
*Despite quitting math, scholastically speaking, nearly six years ago, I'm not that bad at it.
*Victoria Secret makes fantastic jeans.
*Michael and I are officially addicted to crime TV . . .
* . . . and Saturday-morning cartoons.
*PT Cruisers are kind of awesome.
*I still want a tree house.
*Humidity is, if anything, underestimated.
*Painting is really fun.
*Craig's List is golden.
*This week it's been hotter in Columbus than in Bangkok, Thailand (take that, Josher!)
*Orange floors don't look that bad after you've stared at them for four months.
*I'm not starting school right now for the first time since I was five, and I'm really missing it.
*My husband makes an adorable medical student.
*I'm really excited at the prospect of having a woman vice president!
*I'm even more in love with Michael than I was when we got married.
*Or when we got engaged.
*Or even than that time he sent me Godiva chocolates for being a grump.
*(He's just that wonderful.)