Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time I started updating again! Or: Owen'sday, Week One

Since Mr. O was born (SIX MONTHS AGO TODAY!!!), I've been sending weekly emails out to family tracking his progress. He was born on a Wednesday; hence, the title of each email is Owen'sday.

I'm going to start posting them here so I have them all in one place. Enjoy, then, Owen'sday, Week One.

A week ago, Owen made his entrance into the world not kicking and screaming as most babies do, but in complete purple terrifying silence. He's still not a screamer, but late last night (perhaps early this morning?) his squeaks and whimpers woke me up and for not the first time that night I left the bedroom/went down the stairs/found the milk in the fridge/hiked back up those stairs/and picked that baby boy up.

His whimpers stopped, he started to eat, and with each little suck his eyes batted rhythmically up and down and up and down and, to the great delight of his mother, every so often would stop sucking and look at me and siiiiigh.

We've still got some work to do--like getting him to stop relying on bottles or if we're really lucky keep one outfit clean for eight whole hours but our little guy is pink and loud and perfect, and man, those little moments when he looks at me like "thanks Mom, for running more than a hundred stairs today and doing two loads of laundry and thousands of dishes and pumping every two-point-five hours just so I don't have to endure formula and doing it all on not so much sleep" (or maybe just "hey, still more coming?") make it totally absolutely one-hundred percent worth it.

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